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A very quick message to thank you so much for all the hard work that you have done for the young person we placed with you. He came to you very unstable with lots of anger and issues that needed addressing, it has been an absolute pleasure to see him blossom into the young lad he is today. That is an absolute credit to all of the staff who have worked with him. You have taken a person-centred approach and not given up on him when potentially lots of other placements would have. 
He is a great kid with a big future ahead of him, you guys have made that possible. He told me that he has been able to trust the staff at Fairport and they are ‘not just doing it for the money’.

Keep up the great work. I can't thank you enough what you have done.

Conor Pinnons
Social Worker
Thanet Children in Care Team (Kent County Council)

To Nicky, Andy, Becky

I first knew about ‘Fairlight House’ when a letter arrived at my home in May 2010.  I knew I had a Grandson but had never seen him.  The letter came out of the blue, but I and Grandad were pleased to help our grandson find himself and his family.  We arranged to meet in our home town.  What we heard about him was upsetting but we found his carers very informative.  It seems that he was very wayward and needed a strong and supportive presence. 

I have known my grandson now for 6 years, it has flown by.  The change in him is very obvious.  This comes with care and love from ‘Fairlight House’. I am so glad that he now has grown into a young man and father; he has an extended family now which he didn’t know he had.  I feel that from what Nicky, Becky and Andy said he was lucky that he found a place with them to nurture him.  Well done for your care and love for my grandson at “Fairlight House”

With many thanks

J (Nan to P)
November 2016

Testimonial 'LLM;

"You do well to offer help and support to young people e.g therapy for me as it helped me work through past trauma and move on with my life. The staff were very approachable and helpful. They formed relationships with me that would help me in adult life" 17 year old ex-resident 2016

Testimony, June Sutton.
December 2016

Thank you for all the help and support Fairlight and Nicky have given my granddaughter over the past years. You will be a very hard act to follow. In fact I know there is nothing or no one who could help her like you all did. I am just hoping her move will be positive.

Social Worker Children In Care Unit 1
9 May 2014

Dear John

I am the social worker of XX a young person who has been with your service for almost a year now. I would like to acknowledge and express my gratitude for all the support staff have given to XX.  XX has made significant process in all areas of her development and though this is partly due her, accepting the support she is given, staff have been alert to her needs and not given up even at times when XX has been reluctant to take on their support.

XX is now a changed Young person with a positive attitude and clear aspirations for her future which she can clearly achieve  if she continues to remain positive and accept support from all supporting her.

Many thanks to all.

Kind Regards

Milly Ssentume
Social Worker
County Hall

Keep the Magic

Keep the magic, don’t let it go.
Your powers would be lost, bad to let it show.
Use your wand,
The one which you have a special bond.
Use it for good not for bad,
Always being happy, never being sad.
Be close to those who are special in your heart,
Don’t let them go ‘cause you will regret it when you’re apart.
Know there’s someone else in your life,
Because you don’t need anyone else who gives you strife.
You can hit, shout or swear but…
It don’t make a difference, I’ve been there.
Remember to have fun you only have a short time,
Keep them memories there so when you wake up you smile and chime.
Don’t be angry in a bad way because,
Fairlight House can help you in each and every day.
You can scream and shout but,
Don’t hurt people’s feelings who’s about.
Remember don’t bury your feelings under your skin,
Everyone is here, just let someone in.
You might have difficult feelings now that Fairlight need to mend,
But one day it will all come together and you will thank Fairlight in the end.

Written by K.S aged 16
(Resident from 22.04.09-11.08.14)

Safeguarding Lead Commissioner
Bucks CC, 2 April 2014

Hello Iain again

I would like to inform you that I chaired XY’s LAC review at Fairport Care Services in Broadstairs.

I wanted to give you some feedback on the placement as I thought that X has made significant progress from when she was initially placed there.

Staff demonstrate a deep knowledge of X’s issues and history and they are offering a fully nurturing and consistent environment which has really helped X to start her process of recovery.

X is now back in school with the staff’s support which is an incredible achievement. Staff are certainly proactive and making the right decisions for X and are in regular communication with social care and their relationship with X’s social worker appears to be very good.

My personal view is that they certainly set an example of how therapeutic residential placements should be.

I think that X has a very good chance of achieving and progressing further in her life with their support and I fully support her remaining there until she is ready to move on to independent living.

I thought it would be nice for you to know that and to feed back to them too.

Galinie Zisimopoulou
Independent Reviewing Officer
Children’s Quality Standards and Performance
Bucks County Council


By 14 year old resident

My son was born with a number of serious problems.I was feeling stressed,tired irritable and very depressed. I also found myself a single parent with three small children. As well as all this to cope with my other two children began to feel hostility towards their brother due to his bad behaviour but they also felt left out due to the amount of time I constantly had to give to my son and his needs.

Due to his ADHD,speech and language difficulties, as well as constant hospital stays I was finally given support and help from my local Social Service Department.We tried a number of solutions to help Dave but nothing worked long term.I finally became too depressed to cope and needed help.

My social worker suggested Fairport Care Service’s home in Kent,a home that would be safe and would enable Dave to get the support he needed but also to help me at the same time.

When I first heard the suggestion of a care home I said ‘no’, even though Dave’s behaviour towards me, his siblings and others made me feel lonely, isolated and depressed. My thought was I didn’t have Dave to give him away.I thought it was only me, as his mum, that should take care of him,but after meeting with Fairport Care Services I changed my mind.The support, kindness and concern for me and my family’s welfare was simply fantastic.I had finally found a safe and amazing place where people were dedicated to helping children with problems but also to do the unthinkable, to change Dave’s behaviour for the better.

While Dave was receiving his help and support Fairport Care Services did not forget me or my other children.We had constant help as well and were always included throughout Dave’s stay.After months of hard work all round, Fairport Care Services gave me a completely changed boy,but also, as an added bonus, a better and brighter future.I owe so much to this amazing home and to all the lovely, friendly and caring staff that work there.I will be fore ever grateful to all the staff but especially to Nicky and Vanessa who worked with me to make me a much happier and settled mum.

Parent of ex- resident 2009


I have commissioned Fairport Care Services in Kent to work with some of our most vulnerable young people with excellent outcomes for the young people placed as well as their families and carers.

Fairport Care Services were able to remain child focused and to work jointly with other professionals and the families and carers to ensure that all were included in the young person’s journey of change.I have been impressed with Fairport’s advocacy for the young people in their care and their willingness to appropriately challenge the young people,professionals, families and carers to ensure they all remained focused on positive outcomes for the young person.

Fairport Care Services have evidenced that they have been able to retain caring staff with the experience, skills and knowledge to be able to look beyond the presenting behaviours of the young people,their families and carers and to build and nurture trusting relationships which have allowed the young people,their families and carers to share their experiences and feelings and thus rebuild their relationships.

Well done Fairport Care Services and thank you for remaining child focussed.

Safeguarding Lead Commissioner, Access to Resources Team,Bucks C.C.

I would like to say the following with regard to the work Fairport Crae Services have carried out with two of our young people. Both theses cases are extremely complex at the highest category of difficulty in being able to identify a constructive way forward.

Fairport have been able to display excellent assessment and analysis skills, recommending ways to engage and evolve the care plan in order to meet the young people’s needs.I have no doubt that without this level of intervention both young people would have very little chance of coming to terms with their past experiences or being able to avoid significant mental health intervention in the future.It is testament to the work Fairport have undertaken that we are able to reconsider our long term care planning in a less intrusive way.Both young people have experienced appalling levels of neglect and abuse.However with the work Fairport have provided there is now a realistic opportunity for them to achieve some of their potential,  put their experiences behind them and develop a positive role within society.

Team Manager, Norfolk Social Services

We work together with Fairport Care Services staff to ensure a carefully planned introduction to the school for new children.This is supported at Fairlight House by a good 24hr curriculum with an academic element appropriate to the individual needs of the child. We have found that this approach compliments our aspirations that children come to school with the expectation that they follow routines, work and ultimately thrive and make progress.The work done by Fairlight House sends out the reassuring message that they put education right at the heart of their philosophy of care.

Head of Brewood Middle School

Having now worked for over two years with this care provider I can say they demonstrate philosophies and practice that consistantly place young people at the centre of all the work they do.

I observed a highly motivated, dedicated and insightful team of child focused practitioners alongside managment structures that exhibited an in depth understanding of the importance a systemic approach to work with the families of young people in care.

Working with this care provider has enabled our Local Authority to benefit from a reliable and robust placement where communication and interventions actively progress care plan objectives by being simultaneously responsive and proactive to all emerging challenges posed by caring for complex young people.

The best testiment is in the quality of relationship built around the young person I worked with and the positive changes achieved.

Social Worker, Norfolk Social Services

We have been working with Fairport Care Services since 2010.  During this time we have been impressed with the efficient and professional approach of the leadership team and staff.  Their commitment and perseverance in supporting vulnerable young people is exceptional.

The philosophy of Fairlight House is clearly underpinned by an insightful team who have a thorough knowledge of each individual.  There is a strong commitment to education, with realistic expectations of what each young person can attain and achieve.  We have found this approach to be invaluable in facilitating student’s transition into the routine and expectations of school.   The overriding feature of Fairport Care Services is one of genuine care, where positive, trusting relationships encourage young people to feel supported in all aspects of their learning.

Lesley Buss, Director, Learning Opportunities, Deal


Dave Cordery
Cert Ed, Dip Ed(Ch Psych), NPQH, Deputy Head Teacher -ISP Sittingbourne School

I currently work with an extremely vulnerable young person with complex needs who has been placed at Fairport Care Services for some time. During the time I have worked with Fairport I have been impressed with the service my young person has received from them.  The young person has been provided with a safe, stable and caring home environment where most importantly they feel valued and listened to.

This young person has made excellent progress whilst being placed here and this is through the consistently dedicated and hardworking team of staff at Fairport. They have enabled this young person to feel cared about, supported and provided her with an environment where she can express her emotions and learn to communicate through words.  I feel that this placement have a detailed understanding of the needs of my young person and from this they are able to put in place appropriate care planning to ensure their needs are met in the best way possible.

I would not hesitate in recommending this placement to other social workers who are looking for a reliable, nurturing and child focused placement for other children and young people with difficult or complex needs.

Many thanks, Regards,
Vicky Moss, Senior Practitioner, Leaving and After Care North

From the beginning of my employment at Fairport Care Services 5 years ago, I was impressed by the high level of care, therapeutic understanding and practice. I became the keyworker to a young person who had considerable emotional and behavioural difficulties. While the role was at times and extremely demanding and challenging one, the support given to me both personally and professionally along with high quality training, enabled me to chaieve the best possible outcome for this young person. I have now taken a management role with another provider. Every day I use the experience and learning from Fairport – to the max!

I would highly recommend Fairport Care Services as an employer and cannot overstate the amazing work they do with highly traumatised and distressed young people.

Becky Wheeler, Ex Senior Practitioner

I just wanted to say thank you for helping my daughter. I couldn’t wish for any nicer group of people to look after her. I really appreciate it. It makes me feel better that I know she is safe.

Mother of resident – 12th January 2014

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