Over 75 years experience providing protection, therapeutic care and support to troubled and vulnerable children, young people and families.

News Update February 2018:
Fairport Care Services shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review.

Fairport Care Services were invited by the Government in 2017 to contribute a paper to the Parliamentary Review – a publication which aims to raise standards through showcasing best practice to the UK's leading officials.

The review has now been published, read about Fairport Care Service's contribution.

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Based in Broadstairs, Kent, Fairport provide A Residential Care Service For Young People

Fairport Care Services provide therapeutic residential care to children and young people who have complex needs. Their emotional trauma is usually a result of serious abuse experiences and deprivation. As a consequence they exhibit challenging behaviour which has led to multiple placement breakdown. We work closely and respectfully with families when possible. We also value a constructive partnership with Social Services leading to creative and realistic care plans.

Our staff are carefully selected for their ability to be thoughtful, resilient, emphathic and self relective. The relationship the staff develop with the young person is the essential requisite for developing emotional health. We therefore do not employ agency workers. These children, if they are to be helped, need to be understood, not punished.

We inform our practise through a range of theraputic principles and theories, 'lenses' through which to think about and begin to understand the inner world of the young person and how this influences their relationship with the external world. We do not believe that a 'one size fits all' theoretical approach is helpful but we do pay particular attention to psychodynamic, attachment and systems theories. It is also essential, within a safe, nurturing environment, to respect each young person's story and to help and encourage their insight thus leading to a more optimistic sense of self and happier future.

We believe education has to be approached with great care and only when the young person has formed a secure base with us. We collaborate with carefully selected schools who have a proven track record of successfully educating troubled young people.

Through this philosophy of care we have helped many young people return to their family of origin, succeed in fostering and become independent adults and parents.

Ofsted consistently rate us as a good care home with outstanding features

“Young people enjoy warm, nurturing relationships with the staff. Staff develop young people’s interests and promote good social skills. The home has a family atmosphere.”

Ofsted inspection 27/08/2015

Our Ofsted Reports

Hear from staff & former residents about life at Fairlight House

Staff testimonial

Former resident testimonial

"It has been a pleasure visiting Fairlight House as a Regulation 44 visitor. It has been great to witness the obvious effectiveness of your therapeutic approach for really communicating care and concern for the young people in the home - supporting them to make real progress. I have always been impressed by the enthusiastic and positive feedback from social workers and family members too."Emily Carrick, Regulation 44 Visitor

Welcome To Fairlight House

Fairlight House is a comfortable, detached home with a large back garden. It is situated in a pleasant neighbourhood and within a few hundred yards of the sea. The house is comfortably furnished, well kept and provides spacious individual bedrooms for each young person.

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