We collaborate with carefully selected schools who have a proven track record of successfully educating troubled young people.

Education promotes young people’s access to employment and further education. It increases  resilience, social awareness and appreciation of difference.

We aspire to cultivate relationships with schools that mirror our philosophy of care to ensure an integrated approach to care and learning.

Our objective is to:

  • Support young people to see themselves as achievers
  • Help young people overcome fear of and  resistance to learning
  • Encourage young people’s  participation in new experiences and build self-esteem and emotional resilience
  • Feel able to develop friendships and develop talents and interests
  • Encourage and develop a moral code and social conscience
  • Develop basic trust and a secure emotional base thus ensuring that our young people feel safe and secure in their new school.
  • Prepare the young people for a transition to re-enter school ensuring successful attendance.
  • Provide opportunities to practise and develop physical, intellectual and social skills.
  • Develop confidence and the ability to tolerate setbacks and manage anxiety.

Schools we work with:

Testimonials From Schools We Work With


Dave Cordery
Cert Ed, Dip Ed(Ch Psych), NPQH, Deputy Head Teacher -ISP Sittingbourne School

We work together with Fairport Care Services staff to ensure a carefully planned introduction to the school for new children.This is supported at Fairlight House by a good 24hr curriculum with an academic element appropriate to the individual needs of the child. We have found that this approach compliments our aspirations that children come to school with the expectation that they follow routines, work and ultimately thrive and make progress.The work done by Fairlight House sends out the reassuring message that they put education right at the heart of their philosophy of care.

Head of Brewood Middle School

We have been working with Fairport Care Services since 2010.  During this time we have been impressed with the efficient and professional approach of the leadership team and staff.  Their commitment and perseverance in supporting vulnerable young people is exceptional.

The philosophy of Fairlight House is clearly underpinned by an insightful team who have a thorough knowledge of each individual.  There is a strong commitment to education, with realistic expectations of what each young person can attain and achieve.  We have found this approach to be invaluable in facilitating student’s transition into the routine and expectations of school.   The overriding feature of Fairport Care Services is one of genuine care, where positive, trusting relationships encourage young people to feel supported in all aspects of their learning.

Lesley Buss, Director, Learning Opportunities, Deal

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